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Group Classes - Day 1


9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Logistics Analysis is the overarching program of instruction.

Strengths/Weaknesses assessment is the main driver of the analysis: How to assess what needs work, and what is good enough.

Multiple aspects, including food/water, but also networking, power generation, engineering, and more.

Sustainability is the secondary aspect of the analysis process, specifically analysis for the short/near term, mid and long term, as well as pre- and post-event.

What happens when you run out of “x” and how to keep that from happening

Network Analysis (Demographic/Geographic)

Who is around you? What are their primary/secondary/tertiary strengths?

What is around you? How does the terrain benefit/inhibit you? What is the population density and how does that effect your prep?

For an added bonus, we will conduct a site visit to a local farm/ranch to learn about the practical aspects - and limitations - of farms as sustainment models.

Group Classes - Day 2


9:00 am -      4:00 pm

Signature Reduction is the primary focus of Day 2.

One way to frame the problem is how to learn “Can” do versus “Should” do.

Capability should be matched to the requirement, with the understanding that most tasks after the event will have the additional requirement of signature reduction.

Just as you wouldn’t advertise that you have easy-to-access food or valuables, you don’t want to advertise capabilities (technology, machines, techniques) that would make you vulnerable.

If a less efficient method or mechanism will deliver the same result with less signature, it is worth considering the lesser mechanism.

Patterns of life are a new way to understand the "Grey Man/Woman" problem. The normal patterns that define life on a daily basis, the understanding of and blending with immediately reduces potential scrutiny and conflict.

Pre/Post event – Understand how things change even if that change is unwanted/inconvenient/inefficient

For the area – Understand how your Pattern of Life (POL) for your microcosm may differ (in small or large ways) from the POL a street/block/city away. Distance changes with lack of automation.

Preparation without discovery is a huge goal for most preppers. How to ensure that your stuff stays yours?

We will teach you different concealment methodologies (short term vs. long term) and the appropriate usage. 

Defense is the last thing we'll focus on, but from a sustainability and logistics optic. If all your equipment is inoperable because you don't have a sustainment plan, you are out of luck...